Living Macro Mastermind Course

Join Living Macro MasterMind!

Just by reading this, you're telling yourself you are ready to take your life and business to the next level alongside a beautiful “TRIBE”, of inspired action leaders just like you. YOU are a LEADER and YOU know that there is more to life than your Immediate surroundings.  

You are a “CONSCIOUS CREATOR” and believe that YOUR Life would be better off if YOU took a global perspective in YOUR HEART and SOUL. 

YOU believe that if everyone on this planet thought this way, our world would be a better place.  

YOU know that GIVERS Always GAIN. It's more than a cliche, 


The Living Macro Mastermind will be YOUR go-to group of like-minded, Conscious Creators and Leaders that will hold you accountable to your Personal and Global GOALS.

Be part of an Exclusive, Unique, High-Vibrational Community that is purposely made to UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE in ALL WAYS with a growth and macro mindset rooted in collaboration and accountability. Most of all you will have an enjoyable fun time!

Pic of Jackie
Hi, I'm Jackie!  I will be your passionate leader who has transformed the lives of countless other individuals throughout my career as a speaker, lawyer and transformational life coach!
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IMPORTANT NOTE: A percentage of your fee will be donated to a incredible charity: PROSPERITY HOME


  • Mastering an Abundance Mindset 
  • Network = Net worth 
  • Principles of Impact = Income 
  • Cultivating Courage 
  • De-cluttering Relationships that don’t serve your highest Purpose
  • Setting and Honoring Boundaries 
  • Uncovering Limiting Beliefs
  • Stepping into Your True Power
  • Clarity between wants and needs in Relationships
  • Declare your goals 
  • Declaring Certainty in things that matter most to YOU
  • Tools to Handle Your Shit!
  • Learning principles (Physical Intellectual Emotional Spiritual -PIES) that give you results 
  • Overcoming Procrastination 
  • Creating a Unified Experience
  • Creating Rituals and Routines while Practicing Gratitude